Dr. Kysh presents on mathematics at two conferences

Two conferences were lucky enough to have our faculty member, Dr. Judith Kysh, present at their conferences recently!
Dr. Kysh presented at the ISDDE (International Society for Design and Development in Education) conference in Boulder CO, from Tuesday, Sept 22-Friday, Sept. 25 where approximately 60 math and science educators met to hear presentations and meet in work groups on (1) designing curriculum and (2) assessment.
Dr. Kysh’s presentation was on: Finding Out What Beginning Algebra Students Know: Three Attempts.
On Oct. 7 Dr. Kysh presented at the Strengthening Student Success Conference, (Community Colleges, CSU’s, UC’s) in Oakland, CA. The panel Dr. Kysh’s presentation was on was Early Start/Developmental programs: SFSU REAL Algebra, A Problem-based Approach to Elementary & Intermediate Algebra.
Dr. Kysh’s upcoming conference presentations will be at:
  1. CMC-N, and CMC-C; presentating for The California Mathematics Council, South Conference, Palm Springs, Nov. 6, 7
  2. The California Mathematics Council, North, Asilomar, Dec. 7, 8 on Challenging the Eager Achievers in Untracked Classes

The department would like to share our congratulations to our amazing faculty member, Dr. Kysh!


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