Dr. Avani invited to present to CSU Chancellor’s Office

We would like to take the time to shine some light on an accomplishment of one of our faculty members, Dr. Nathan Avani, Professor of Educational Psychology. Dr. Avani was invited by the CSU Chancellor’s office to provide a poster presentation of his recently designed fully on-line course in Adolescent Development at the COURSE REDESIGN With TECHNOLOGY SHOW CASE at CSU San Jose, October 1-2, 2015.

This fully on-line course is a required course in the single subject credential program and has been offered for the first time this fall semester. Dr. Avani along with Kenji Ilkamoto, instructional design consultant, will be among other CSU faculty from across the system who have designed on-line courses. Faculty wanting to learn about developing on-line learning courses will have two days of presentations and opportunities to talk with faculty who have designed and implemented an on-line course.

Congratulations, again, to Dr. Nathan Avani for his presentation!

Please click here to see Dr. Avani’ SJSU Poster that was presented!


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